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If you would like to submit a video for review, you may do so by filling out the submission form below. List titles separated by commas. After you submit the video, a release form will appear. Fill this form out as well. Upon review, if we decide to use your video you will be contacted.  Thank you, from all of us at Rebel Tv Productions



Reach a broader audience by sharing your videos on Roku TV!

Indie and DIY music artists and bands comprise 2.7% of the music market. Without label support, these bands need a way to upload and share their music. This is where popular music platforms such as Spotify and Youtube come into play. Now you can add Roku Tv to that list. This platforms offer bands a free or inexpensive way to upload and distribute their music, fund their projects, which can include whole EPs or albums in video form. Submit your videos today and tell your fans they have more access to your music!

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Funk 33

Marshall Brothers


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Cypher Machine


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Blood Water

Michelle Leigh


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Time Bomb





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Rebel Tv Productions is dedicated to getting your media content out to as many people as possible. These days, Streaming Media is King. With services like Roku TV, your audience can sit back, relax and watch your media on the big screen no matter which room of the house they are in. As long as they have a smart tv or smart device, they will be able to watch your latest creations.

Rebel Tv Productions is a branch of 'My Favorite Tv Channel' which is owned and operated by Radio Talk Show Host and Entrepreneur, Leon Jonjock. Our sister company OTEL Productions, which is owned and operated by Trevor and Eileen Bild. They are also the owners of Knob Tv which is one of our sister channels. You can read more about them here. You should also check out Leons Blog for some great interviews by clicking here!

Our goal is to provide quality programming to viewers while allowing Independent creators to host their media on Television. If you would like to add Rebel Tv to your channel line up, simply go to your Roku device and search for 'Rebel Tv' or click here to add it by logging into your Roku account. If you would like to add Knob Tv which is one of our sister channels, Search 'Knob Tv' on your Roku device or click here to add it by logging into your Roku account.

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Product 1

Independent Films/series

Do you have a film you have completed but can't get anyone to broadcast it so you can build your audience and grow your business? We have a channel for you! Host your film with us for free! We have multiple channels to choose from or have it published on all qualifying channels within our network!

Product 2

the arts

From art to dance, you will be amazed at the extraordinary talent of people from all backgrounds, ages and cultures. What makes this art come to life is, video! Share your quality video with us for free so we can share it with the world!

Product 3


As a Musician, the most important part of getting exposure is to host your music on as many platforms as possible. Host with us today for free and get exposure on both Roku and Amazon Fire Tv to build an even larger audience with almost no effort on your part!



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